"No one can make you feel inferior without your consent."

-Eleanor Roosevelt

About Woman's Day

Women’s Day was founded in 1909 in New York City to celebrate the accomplishments of women in our country. This special day has now been observed for over 100 years on March 8. Initially, Women’s Day was established to call attention to unfair working conditions for women in the garment district of New York City after a tragic warehouse fire.

Today, this annual tradition is about celebrating the achievements of women in our country and honoring the women in our lives. Different than Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day, Women’s Day celebrates all women, women throughout history and the women close to us. It is an amazing opportunity to honor and acknowledge all of the women that touch our lives daily; moms, daughters, grandmas, teachers, coworkers or bosses, any special woman that has made a difference in your life. Whether you are a woman yourself or a man, we all have amazing, inspirational women in our lives and this is the time to celebrate them. Show your admiration, appreciation and love for them with flowers on March 8!

Great Ways to Celebrate the Women in Your Life:

  • Buy a bunch of stems of your favorite flower and on March 8 give one single stem to all of the women you come in contact with throughout the course of the day.
  • Connect in person and give them flowers and a card telling them how much they inspire you or how much you appreciate them.
  • Send the women in your life American Grown flowers with a nice message like: I appreciate you! Happy Women’s Day.