Holland America Flowers

Holland America Flowers LLC in Arroyo Grande, CA. was founded in 1986 by Benno Dobbe. Benno and Klazina began their American floral company in 1980 in Woodland, WA after emigrating from Holland with their three children and extensive knowledge and heritage of bulb farming.  Planting started and there began a lifetime of growth.

Our Woodland entity, Dobbe Farms, with its rich soil and cool temperatures provides tulips, peonies, and stores lily bulbs for commercial sales. Ourland in California yields award winning lilies, freesias, and other premiere floral industry staples and houses the framework for our nationwide flower sales.

Benno’s legacy continues with his son Ben, COO and Senior Sales Executive and his daughter Nicolette, Sales Executive. This family owned and operated business has strict quality control measures in place, starting with buying the best bulbs on the market and enduring with superior account management.

Benno takes great pride in his company and has won many prestigious awards. He is involved in every aspect of the business. Benno works with many state and federal advocacy groups to bring awareness of farming challenges to lawmakers for the benefit of American flower farmers. We supply American grown flowers to businesses across the U.S. and donate generously to community projects.

Website: hollandamericaflowers.com

Email: benno@haflowers.com

Phone: 360.225.6575

1066 South Pekin Road
Woodland, WA 98674

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