Summer Dreams Farm

I am fiercely proud where I came from, of the hard work, risks, and sacrifices my family made over the years. I am equally proud of the business I have built. It started with a dream and it has turned into reality through sacrifice and hard work. I am excited for what the future holds. In my wildest dreams I could not have imagined what I achieved in my first year and I am eager for everything ahead of me.

Above all and most importantly, I am humbled by the support, mentoring, and experience that others have given me. Without the help of each and every one of the individuals described above and many more, I would not be who I am today or have accomplished the things I have. Quite frankly, none of this would exist without them. For the people in my life, I will be forever grateful.

-Michael Genovese

Owner, Summer Dreams Farm



Phone: 248.802.8979

4780 Seymour Lake Road
Oxford, Michigan 48371

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