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Quaglia Farms is a family owned and operated Urban Farm. Dominic and Anne Quaglia purchased the property in the late 1980’s. The property was an 1870’s farm house owned by the Dunning Family whom this neighborhood of Chicago was developed and named after. Formally Walnut Avenue, just south of Old Plank Road, this house was once surrounded by acres of farmland. The Quaglia family is continuing to keep the rural tradition alive in this urban environment.

Ground was broken by the family patriarch Pietro Quaglia, who turned the soil by hand, bringing traditions and knowledge from his remote mountain village in Italy where he was the town baker and traveling butcher. He passed on these traditions to his grandchildren whom still carry them out to this day.

Organic Practices are utilized at Quaglia Farms. There are no pesticides, inorganic fertilizers, or artificial preservatives used on, nor in any of our products. Staunch believers in holistic and food safe practices is what enables us to be confident we are providing our friends and neighbors with the healthiest, freshest, and most local produce, eggs, and flowers available.

Phone: 733.930.8732

3906 N. Normandy Ave
Chicago, IL 60634

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