Ocean View Farms



We have a passion for quality, and we are on a mission of continuous quality improvement. Ocean View Flowers is located in the Lompoc Valley, fifty miles northwest of Santa Barbara near the Pacific Ocean. The valley’s unique geological and geographic conditions make it one of the finest flower growing regions in California. The Lompoc coast is where the northern and southern currents of the Pacific Ocean meet.

This unique coastal phenomenon results in the cool ocean breezes that help provide excellent growing and harvesting conditions for all our varieties. California has many different microclimates. In the winter months we follow the warmer temperatures to the southern desert area of Brawley and then north to the high desert of Maricopa.

Website: oceanviewflowers.com

Email: sales@oceanviewflowers.com

Phone: 800.736.5608


1105 Union Sugar Ave
Lompoc, CA 93436


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