Grace Gardens

Grace Gardens owner Kelly Wood is a Birmingham, Alabama-based florist who works hard to produce beautiful, seasonal, and locally grown flowers and greenery for designers, florists, brides, and flower lovers.  We use natural and organic methods of farming to ensure that our flowers are not only beautiful to look at but are also safe for the enviroment.

We offer buckets of blooms and greenery for those wanting to arrange their own creations as well as selling individual stems and bunches of flowers for larger projects. Our flowers reflect the beauty we see around us every season. They are ephemeral, joyus, fragrant and strong. Much like the southern soil they spring from. We invite you to travel along this journey with us. Please stop by our site often as flowers bloom and are photographed at their peek of loveliness! You will know exactly what’s blooming at any time (with a few snaps of our favorite people and farm friends thrown in!)



Phone: 205.201.5430

511 Valley Rd
Birmingham, AL 35206

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