Cool Cache Farms

We are Wayne and Patti Floyd, and we are Alaskan Farmers. We didn’t come to Alaska to be farmers. Frankly that was the last thing on our minds. We came for the adventure. One day, shortly before he passed away, Wayne’s grandfather, Reuben, heard that we were thinking of moving to Alaska. He smiled whistfully, and said, “I seriously thought about going to Alaska when I was a young man. I always wish I had gone.” That sadness in his voice, became the motivation for us to seek a way to go.

Then in 1990 we were living in Washington. Wayne was teaching in Federal Way, and Patti was running a very successful home business. We were fed up with the urban sprawl that was taking over the area, and the gangs were moving in from California. When Patti heard that a large retirement of Alaskan teachers was occurring, we took a chance and Wayne was hired to teach on the Kenai Peninsula. Patti worked for the state, and then for a foreign exchange program for many years. Patti retired in 2005, and Wayne retired as a first sergeant from the Alaska Army National Guard in 2004, and from teaching in 2014. We are developing our farm to help augment our retirement. As Wayne oftens says, “Sure we’re retired. We go to bed every night, retired!”



Phone: 907.776.8143


47110 Autumn Rd
Kenai, AK 99611

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