Certification Matters

Increasingly, consumers everywhere are asking about the origins of everything they purchase — from their food and cars to clothing and furniture — and even the flowers they place on their tables.

From “Field to Vase;” the journey flowers take to becoming your centerpiece is an important one.

Over the past several years, a number of independent efforts are identifying state-specific sources of  flowers, but to date, there hasn’t been a single national floral “brand” to assure floral consumers that when they purchase bouquets and bunches, those blooms are American Grown.

Now there is! The Certified American Grown Flowers label reflects an all-American philosophy that supports grown-in-the-USA flower farms, as well as the retailers, florists and studios that design with those flowers.


Beginning in 2013, a passionate group of American flower farmers from all across the country came together to brainstorm about a single “American Grown” floral brand. The American Grown Flowers & Foliage Task Force included flower farms large and small, established and emerging. Many contributed seed funds to the initial branding budget, which helped identify a name, “Certified American Grown Flowers,” a tagline, “take pride in your flowers,” and a contemporary logo that evokes Americana and agriculture, as well as fashion and style.

But this is not just a pretty logo and slogan.

In 2014, the American Grown Flowers initiative partnered with Made In USA Certified, Inc. an independent third-party agency that verifies the source of products made and grown in the USA. Participating American flower farms will be certified by this agency through a supply chain audit process and will receive certification that qualifies them to add the Certified American Grown logo to their floral packaging, web sites, and other marketing materials. 


With the credibility of certification, participating flower farms will proudly use the Certified American Grown logo. This stamp of credibility sends a message of high quality, locally grown blooms that clearly identifies its  country of origin to wholesalers, mass-market retailers, florists and consumers who would prefer to purchase American Grown-labeled flowers, foliage and bouquets. If you’d like to become the next Certified American Grown Flower farm, start the process today. Click here.


Stocking floral product with the American Grown logo eliminates all the guesswork on the part of the retailer. It conveys a powerful, value-added message to shoppers and floral customers that you support American flower farmers, local agriculture, and sustainable practices. If you are a retailer that would like to learn more about how to purchase and promote Certified American Grown Flowers, contact us! We’d love to talk to you.


When given a choice, people want seasonal, local, American-grown flowers. But it isn’t always easy to find those blooms. When you see the American Grown logo on signage or packaging, you have the assurance that the flowers you buy are homegrown with care. You should be able to know the origins of the flowers you purchase. You should be assured that your flowers come from an American flower farm.


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