Celebrate With Us And Drive Sales In July!

July Is American Grown Flowers Month!

Let’s face it.

The month of July is not breaking any records for floral sales.

Of course, people think “flowers” during the month of February for Valentine’s Day and in May for Mother’s Day, but it’s during July when “America’s in Season.”

A beautiful collection of Certified American Grown Flowers can really help draw consumers into learning more and celebrating the season.

That’s right! Flower and greens farmers throughout our country are all in full production mode, busy growing their beautiful, fresh, homegrown blooms during the month of July, making it the perfect month to celebrate American Grown Flowers Month.

In fact, in 2017 Congress declared July “American Grown Flowers Month.”

Therefore, to help celebrate and spread the news, Certified American Grown is sponsoring a national merchandising contest, encouraging retailers to leverage this Congressional declaration and promote our homegrown blooms.

“This contest is a first of its kind,” explains Certified American Grown Administrator Kasey Cronquist. “And we hope to see this celebration grow into a fun and spirited tradition, celebrating the rich history, heritage and beauty of American Grown Flowers during this special month.”

Registration Is Open!

Over the course of the next several weeks, Certified American Grown will be accepting registrations from retailers who would like to participate in our first American Grown Flowers Month Merchandising Contest.

Participating retailers will be judged on the quality and beauty of their display, increasing sales and efforts to educate consumers about American Grown Flowers Month and Certified American Grown.

Click here to register today!



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