Where Will We Go?

The 2017 American Grown Field To Vase Dinner Tour Announcement Is Coming Soon!

The launch of the 2017 American Grown Field to Vase Dinner Tour is coming soon. We are lining up some amazingly beautiful flower farms for people to enjoy this year.


How do we decide where to go?

We work with Certified American Grown Flower farms throughout the United States that would like to have us invite flower lovers to their farm for this very unique experience.

On occasion, we’ve held the dinner in places other than a flower farm.– like our dinner in the heart of Brooklyn in 2015 or our dinner at Cornerstone with Sunset Magazine. So, we’re open to suggestions, recommendations and collaborative opportunities.

Please share your suggestions in the comment section below! We’d love to hear your thoughts and ideas for this wonderful tour.

If you are a flower farmer that would like to host a Field to Vase Dinner, let us know. We have an application on our website that you can fill out here:


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One thought on “Where Will We Go?

  1. This year, 18+ billion will be spent on Valentine’s Day, with 2+ billion of that for flowers. All US growers associations could band together to CHANGE the day from 2/14 to 6/14 so that we wouldn’t need to import. And those imports get increasingly costly, so I wonder if more flowers would be bought if they were cheaper and fresher? And people will have more money in June than in February, because of Christmas bills, and heating costs for northerners.
    – suggestion from LOL (little old lady) in CT.