Certified Flowers

The Certified American-Grown logo assures the floral consumer of:

  • ORIGIN: Flowers and foliage are grown in the U.S. by American farmers
  • ASSEMBLY: All ingredients in mixed bouquets are 100% grown and assembled in the U.S.


Thank you to the following farms for becoming Certified American Grown:



Alaska Annie’s Farm

Alaska Beauty Peony Cooperative

Alaska’s Echo Lake Peonies

Alaska Perfect Peonies

Arctic Alaska Peonies

Cool Cache Farms

Giggly Roots Gardens

Joselyn Peonies

Scenic Place Peonies
























B&H Flowers

Bandy Ranch Floral

California Pajarosa

Continental Floral Greens

Dramm & Echter

Eufloria Flowers

Farmers’ West Flowers

Glad-A-Way Gardens,

Green Valley Floral

Joseph & Sons

Kendall Farms

Kitayama Brothers

Mellano & Co


Myriad Flowers

Ocean View Flowers

Por La Mar Nursery

Pyramid Flowers

Resendiz Brothers Protea

Sunshine Floral

The Sun Valley Group

Westland Orchids

Westland Floral

























The Fresh Herb Company




Roseville Farms



Tschetter’s Flowers



Peony Acres



Plum Nelly Flower Farm



Summer Dreams Farm



Len Busch Roses


Sunset Flower Farms

The Flower Peddler



Bear Creek Farm

Smile Farms



Oregon Flowers



David Beahm’s Thistle Dew Farm

Destiny Hill Farm



Texas Specialty Cut Flowers



Gardener’s Workshop Farm

Hope Flower Farm
LynnVale Studios, LLC



Holland America Flower Connection

Jello Mold Farms

Triple Wren Farms


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4 thoughts on “Certified Flowers

  1. Great to learn about this today! We just added a link to resources accompanying a popular article on the value of seeking out independent florists ( http://amiba.net/resources/2013/real-florist ) and we welcome you to suggest other ways we can guide people to seek out American-grown. We could add a couple of paragraphs on the topic to this article or perhaps publish an accompanying piece if you like. Thanks!