Meet Farmer-Florist Andrea Gagnon of Virginia’s LynnVale Farm

Our host for the Washington, D.C. area Field to Vase Dinner

We are so excited for you to attend the 6th Field to Vase Dinner at LynnVale Farm and Studio this coming September 3rd.

LynnVale Farm, a Certified American Grown Farm

LynnVale Farm, a Certified American Grown Farm

Andrea and Lou Gagnon invite you to LynnVale Farm and Studio. In addition to growing the flowers and foliage on this amazing farm, Andrea will create the event’s beautiful tablescapes.

Andrea Gagnon

Andrea Gagnon

Andrea Gagnon combines her professional design education (a Bachelor of Architecture degree from Virginia Tech) with her expertise in floriculture to grow premium flowers and design unique arrangements that range from formal to fantastic.  Andrea has served as Mid-Atlantic Regional Director and Treasurer of the Association of Specialty Cut Flower Growers.

Andrea was the invited floral designer whose creations decorated the 2015 Congressional Wine Caucus Reception in Washington, D.C., held at the Library of Congress, where her spectacular floristry featured all American-grown flowers and foliage.

Founded in 2002, LynnVale is dedicated to the cultivation of creativity and the human spirit through alternative agriculture and fine art.  The heritage farm is nestled in the middle of an eighth generation family homestead in Northern Virginia and combines a thriving art and design studio, floral design studio and commercial cut flower garden surrounded by 100 acres of forest, pasture and crop land.

You'll be dazzled by  dahlias at LynnVale Farm!

You’ll be dazzled by dahlias at LynnVale Farm!

Learn more about Andrea and her work in this exclusive Q&A with our featured florist:

These dahlias are called "dinner plates," for good reason!

These dahlias are called “dinner plates,” for good reason!

F2V: Describe your professional journey that led you from architectural design training to becoming a flower farmer.

AG: We were led to flower growing by a strong desire to reconnect with our family, offer our children open space and the opportunity to create a beautiful place – a creative destination.

F2V: How do you define the term “farmer-florist” and does it apply to your approach?

AG: We grow the majority of flowers and foliages we use for our floristry work and thus consider ourselves “farmer-florists.” We supplement occasionally with additional local flowers, then American grown flowers, and finally, imported options.

A recent selection of LynnVale flowers on display at a DC-area farmers' market.

A recent selection of LynnVale flowers on display at a DC-area farmers’ market.

F2V: How do you balance growing flowers for three Washington, D.C., area farmers’ markets with growing and designing for weddings and events?

AG: We are fortunate to participate in some of the area’s finest producer-only farmers’ markets. Each year, our customers’ desire for more premium flowers fuels us with a desire to expand either our variety list, a trending color palette and/or increase overall volume of particular favorites. Generally, more flowers for our market customers equals more flowers for our event and design clients, and vice-versa. We offer the same premium flowers to all of our customers. We do, however, offer unique foraged elements and grow unusual foliages and vines for our own events and for our designer clients.

Andrea Gagnon's winter fantasy design for the "Clock Tower," by photographer Rebekah Murray

Andrea Gagnon’s winter fantasy design for the “Clock Tower,” by photographer Rebekah Murray

F2V: What is the most challenging project you’ve created in the past few years?

AG: It’s hard to keep track of the myriad of challenges that face us in any given growing season. Our summer schedule of markets, events and deliveries offers us little time to indulge in photo shoots, so when Rebekah Murray called us in the dead of winter to join her “Clock Tower” editorial photo shoot team, we jumped at it. With little blooming in the gardens, we walked the farm in search of unique branches and vines to incorporate into the wild, twiggy “garlands” that we later dotted on site with “treasured” winter blooms and petals. Our flowers complemented Rebekah’s “little princess”-inspired vision, featured on the blog Rock My Wedding and pictured above.

Andrea Gagnon's gorgeous pedestal bouquet featuring a beloved dahlia from her fields.

Andrea Gagnon’s gorgeous pedestal bouquet featuring a beloved dahlia from her fields.

F2V: What flower(s) get you excited? What are your go-to flower varieties?

AG: We love ranunculus for its beauty and longevity. Its arrival marks the beginning of the “big race” toward another favorite: the Dahlia. We find dahlias so fascinating for their endless array of iridescent colors and diversity of form.

Part cultivated; part foraged, a wild summer bouquet by Andrea Gagnon.

Part cultivated; part foraged, a wild summer bouquet by Andrea Gagnon.

F2V: Describe your design style and how will that be showcased on the tables at your Field to Vase Dinner?

AG: Our design style leans toward the wild, textural and botanical. We are increasingly fascinated with the negative space between individual blossoms and foliages, respecting their sculptural qualities and creating “moments” and relationships between each element in our designs. For the Field to Vase Dinner on September 3rd, we plan to forage the farm and fields of our most generous neighbors for unique botanical surprises to incorporate into the evening’s floral design.

Learn more about Andrea in this wonderful piece from the Flirty Fleurs blog.

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