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Certified American Grown is working with American flower farmers from across the country to promote their American Grown Flowers around the world.

Certified American Grown farm delegation meeting with industry representatives in China.

Certified American Grown has prioritized emerging markets in China and Southeast Asia, which represent the most promising emerging markets based on export volume and value over the past five years. Certified American Grown will utilize federal grant funds to establish in-country representation in each market to begin building relationships with local importers and retailers, lead outbound trade missions for industry delegations, and conduct promotions at retail to move more volume during peak supply periods.

The following programs will subsidize industry efforts in 2018:

United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) Foreign Agricultural Service (FAS) Grant Programs

Emerging Markets Program 

  • Provides funding for feasibility research and technical assistance activities to promote exports of U.S. agricultural commodities to emerging markets worldwide.

Quality Samples Program 

  • Helps U.S. organizations provide small samples of their agricultural products to potential customers overseas.

Market Access Program 

  • Helps finance activities to market and promote U.S. agricultural commodities and products worldwide

For farms that have the interest, ability and desire to explore export markets for their flowers and greens, Certified American Grown can help.

Efforts in 2018

Certified American Grown will organize the following export market development activities in 2018:

April 2018 – China

Trip Description: Trade Outreach in Guangzhou and Tour of the Chinese Growing Region in Yunnan Province

Trip Objectives: Participants will have opportunities to meet directly with Chinese importers, distributors and retailers based in Guangzhou, China. The trip will also include tours of import facilities, the wholesale market and various retail formats. The second half of the trip will include tours of the Chinese growing region in Yunnan Province, the largest cut flower production area in China.  This activity will be funded by the USDA FAS Market Access Program.

August 2018 – China 

Trip Description: Technical Training Seminars in Shanghai and Guangzhou

Trip Objectives: The Certified American Grown Council will host technical training seminars in Shanghai and Guangzhou for targeted importers, distributors and retailers. Industry participants will present U.S. products best suited for China, and provide best handling, storage and display practices. Participants would be able to display samples and provide marketing information. This activity will be funded by the USDA FAS Emerging Markets Program.

October –Southeast Asia 

Trip Description: Trade Outreach and Market Feasibility Research Tour of Indonesia, Malaysia and Vietnam

Trip Objectives: Participants will travel to Southeast Asia on behalf of the Certified American Grown Council to meet directly with potential importers, distributors and retailers in Southeast Asia. Findings from the trip would be compiled in a market feasibility assessment and distributed to USDA FAS and the industry. This activity will be funded by the USDA FAS Emerging Markets Program.

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