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The Dinner Tour

is a series of private, intimate, must-attend gatherings that place seasonal, local and sustainable American Grown flowers at the center of the table where locally grown food, beer, and wine is served by a farm-to-table chef. Each artisan-style dinner will be held at a unique venue — an American flower farm that encourages guests to experience the age-old art and science of flower farming.

The Experience

is like none other.  You will make a personal connection between flowers and agriculture as part of our country’s farm landscape.  Along with lively conversation between dining companions new and old, guests will share platters of delicious, seasonal and local food. They’ll meet others who are passionate about preserving American grown flowers, farmland, and our country’s floriculture roots.  While enjoying this seasonal meal, the focus is drawn to the botanical beauty of petals, stems, foliage, vines, buds and berries — artistically arranged to bring sensory pleasure to the experience. The attention is on our flowers, our farmers and their farms, and on the floral designs they inspire.


Carlsbad, CASOLD OUT


Quakertown, PASOLD OUT
Woodland, WASOLD OUT
Homer, AKJuly 29, 2017

Experience a Field to Vase Dinner. Enjoy this film.

Dinner on a flower farm was downright dreamy. I learned so much from the farmers about the history of their family business. I got to schmooze with interesting Slow Flower allies, from designers to policy advocates. And hello—I was rubbing my eyes the entire time! Not because of allergies, but because the setting was in full bloom and outrageously gorgeous.- Johanna Silver Associate Editor, Garden Sunset Magazine
The Field-to Vase Dinner is such a great way to vertically expand the conversation between field to table and be all-inclusive. If I am eating and drinking consciously, then I also want to be surrounded by consciously grown and manufactured products. You can’t get more “surrounded” than actually dining within a field of beautiful blooms.- Sophia Markoulakis Food, Home and Garden Writer

"A delicious meal + scrumptious, sustainable-grown blooms + caring farmers = a memorable evening; one that you'll never forget."

- Kathy Brenzel, Senior Garden Editor, Sunset Magazine

Dinner Includes

  • An artisan-style, locally sourced meal, craft beer and wine.

  • American grown flowers to take home.

  • A flower lovers gift bag.

+ Personal stories and lively conversation from the chef and flower farmers.

"You get to eat delish local grub in a field full of beautiful American grown flowers and when you leave, you're new bff's are amazing localvores just like you. How rad is that?"

- SF-based Floral Designer, Christina Stembel, Farmgirl Flowers

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Contact Information

Kathleen Williford, Field to Vase Tour Coordinator

Adrienne Young, Media & Sponsor Inquiries


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